Ready for an adventure?

We transformed the city streets into a big puzzle.

You get pieces of the puzzle that consists in photo and location indications.

You and your team’s job is to find all the treasures first as well as to solve, for bonus points, some extra challenges. Good speed, sharp-witted and excellent teamwork will help you win.


Preferably, together with your friends. But don’t worry if your pals prefer to stay home. We will help you to find a team!


You will get a map with marked treasures and graphical details that will help you to find treasures. From that point it is yours and your teams’ job to show us how good you are at being “pirates” or “detectives”.


Beyond the treasures from the map, which you have to discover, during the game you will have to solve a list of challenges to get extra points.

Our promise.

Enjoy your new experience or we will give you money back!

You Will Have Fun

First of all, CityHunt is about relaxing and feeling good. Besides, you walk around the city, forget your worries and take photos. It’s a game!

You Will Move

Not less than 3 hours of outdoor activities. Not on a running track, not in circles, but in the city!

Explore the City

We are sure that you can be originally from Bucharest. But do you know it well enough? You walk around every day, but how much attention do you pay to details?

Meet new people

At the end of the Treasure Hunt we will wait for you to count the points together. That is the moment when socializing starts. Doesn’t matter if you take the prize or not, we will treat you with a drink!










Choose an area and get ready for an adventure!

The city is more than a concrete jungle. It’s a human zoo too!

Frequent questions

Survival guide for urban hunters

What is it?

A city adventure with a lot of adrenaline. A treasure hunt type competition between teams, based on points.

You will need to find photo objects, to fulfill special challenges and to come to special points on time. Team, which manages to do fulfill the tasks the best, wins.

For whom is it?

The Treasure Hunts are created, first of all, for people, who want take part in the adventures.

The specific of the game makes it perfect for colleagues from the office or for groups of friends because this game is an opportunity to change a week routine and to get some great experience together, about which you’ll have stories to tell for a long time after it is done.

Why should we participate?

Why should we participate?

Beyond the fun part itself, participants have an opportunity to have some intense experience, which will help them to discover something new about themselves.

You will also improve several teamwork competences while participating on the game:

  • Good communication skills;
  • Time planning / Time management;
  • Setting the priorities;
  • Collaboration;
  • Creative thinking.

How long is the Treasure Hunt?

The duration of the Treasure Hunt is about 3 hours. This period includes instructions and explanations of the rules, time for planning and going through the route and, at the end, some time to share your experience and give prizes to the winners.

When and where do we meet?

Usually we meet between 10 and 12 AM. Depending on the area of the Treasure Hunt, there is a meeting point in the city. There we will split the teams, give the instructions and the adventure will start.

Then there are also several point on the route, on which we meet with each team separately, and one final point (usually a bar/café/restaurant) where we will be waiting for you with some drinks to discuss your experience, count the point and give prizes.

What do we bring with us?

First of all, you need proper clothing. It can be cold or hot outside. Whatever the season or the situation is, remember that you have to stay outside for about 4 hours, so get dressed according to it and put on some comfortable shoes.

It is very important that you have a photo camera or a camera on your phone with the batteries charged.

In case you have a backpack with you, we strongly recommend you to have a bottle of water in it.

What if an event gets canceled?

In the unfortunate case when a public event will be canceled (not enough participants register), you will receive a voucher that you can use for any future event. Bonus, we will offer a second voucher equal to the one purchased (same no. of participants)!


And if that’s not good enough, you can choose to give up vouchers and get your money back.

Can I buy a gift voucher

Sure! Follow this link:

Do you organize private events?

Yes! But each event is unique, so we will first have to find out what your needs are. Contact us for a personalized offer on the phone or write to us at

How can I become a supporter / partner?

CityHunt participants are open and curious people, they enjoy movement and are interested in unprecedented experiences. Most of the time they come along with the gang of friends, family or office colleagues looking for a good time in the city.

If you think you can help us provide them a better experience, contact us and let’s do beautiful things together!

How much does it cost?

We are waiting for you alone, together with your team or even with the whole company!

The prices are final and they apply to all our public (monthly) events.

One participant

87 lei

2-3 participants

165 lei

Group of 6 participants

304 lei

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One of the newest and the most distractive urban activity, recommended both for locals and tourists!



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