CityHunt for the kids

We are pleased to announce that we mark the month of June, the Children’s Month, with a new type of CityHunt experience through which we want to organize the first urban treasure hunt dedicated and designed specifically for the little ones. The first event will take place on  June 16, inside Herăstrău/Regele Mihai I Park.

Our initiative to launch a children’s trail comes amid very cool and successful experiences that we had when we organized private events for children. The last event took place in March, on the occasion of Peter’s birthday. The 9-year-old boy, along with his parents, chose to celebrate in a special way, through an urban treasure hunt by CityHunt, along with their friends.

The group of children, along with a few parents, enjoyed the CityHunt route in the Old Center area for three hours and competed in the race to identify clues and solve the challenges. Both children and parents had lots of fun looking for and pinpointing the objectives on the map, but mostly solving different tasks designed to spark amusement, but also teamwork.
Mixed children-adults teams have gone through new experiences. They took pictures of animals, cared for a fragile egg throughout the game and competed in a race with an orange without using theirhands. Finally, we gave awards to the winners and we took many pictures to mark this event, after which we realized that CityHunt is an activity that’s also loved and received with great enthusiasm by children.

So, for the June 1 event, we have prepared a series of mysterious clues and fun challenges for the little ones to train their observation and teamwork skills, but also to enjoy their day in a unique way. The difficulty and the length of the trail are suitable for children between the ages of 8 and 14 and the participation of the adults with the kids in the teams is optional, as we have configured the route and the game area so that they are safe from cars or other dangers.

Concluding, we can say that CityHunt is not an ideal and fun way of spending leisure time only for adults but also for children, because the desire to solve mysteries and to accomplish a challenge can be experienced much more intensely by them.

So, starting June 16, we expect you and your child or children to enjoy an urban hunt fuelled with adrenaline and mystery in Herăstrău/Regele Mihai I Park.