Teambuilding…hunting for urban treasures.

Every time we think about the idea of teambuilding, it is likely that everyone thinks about an image of a group of employees sent by the company in a natural setting, mountain or sea trip where employees can relax and enjoy taking part in group activities in which they socialize and get to know each other better. All this, in order to increase the working relationships and the cohesion among employees, and implicitly, also the performance of the companies by showing an ascending trend.

Nothing truer, but from our point of view, the idea of teambuilding can also be seen and applied from a different perspective. In other words, from the perspective of a city treasure hunt implemented within the CityHunt concept.

The idea of this concept proposes rediscovering Bucharest from a different perspective, a pleasant, engaging and mysterious one. Very much like the idea of an escape room, just taking place outdoors in the city, CityHunt is a team game where the main activities are finding different clues in the city, solving amusing tasks or riddles related to important individuals in Romania’s culture or history.

This type of event is also very good for companies that want to offer their employees a moment of relaxation and an opportunity to strengthen their personal and professional relationships. Being a team-based game, CityHunt is one of the right choices in the context of re-establishing relationships within a group of people.

In July, the telecommunication company Camusat chose to reward its employees, who were in an experience exchange in Bucharest, by attending a CItyHunt event. The event took place for 4-5 hours, the number of participants being about 60 people, divided into teams of 5 people.

The area chosen for Camusat, by being foreigners, was the area of the Old Center, an area with a special historic significance and an admirable architecture. Camusat teams travelled across the entire map of the game, searching for the hidden treasures in the form of the photos represented on each map. Also, each team has performed amusing tasks, but which also stimulates work and teamwork, in other words, actions chosen at any teambuilding. Noteworthy is that throughout the event, the competing teams have been filmed and photographed to remain with unforgettable memories to take with them at the office so that this activity will remain a living memory at work.

An extra gain, of this way of teambuilding, lies in the fact that CityHunt participants had the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Bucharest, and also to admire the Old Town bohemian buildings that placed them in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

At the end of the event, all Camusat employees met at a restaurant-bar in the Old Town where they were informed of the points they had gathered in the game and they felt good while exchanging impressions about this different idea of teambuilding.

Concluding, we can say that CityHunt is a type of event feasible for both groups of friends who want to spend quality time together, as well as teams of employees from large companies who want to strengthen their interpersonal relationships, mutual trust and teamwork efficiency.

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