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The route on Calea Victoriei is highlighted as a treasure hunt with emphasis on the cultural-architectural side of the area. It includes cultural elements from the urban landscape, bringing to attention buildings, monuments, statues and other places with historical and social importance that left their mark in the development of Bucharest that we see today.

Clues, objectives and challenges were aligned with the purpose to combine a relaxing exploration experience with encyclopedic details along the way. Most probably, besides the amazing experiences within the game, you will accumulate a package of information that will transform you into a guide to all friends you will stroll with on the boulevard, in the future.

You will wander through the city at your own pace, in search of the objectives, at the same time solving challenges and time sensitive competitions at the checkpoint.

At the finish, all of us will meet to award and celebrate the winners while enjoying a free drink.

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Location Info

The history of this boulevard begins more than 300 years ago. It was the first paved street from Romania, and its paving took place not long before the First World War.

The former name of the street was “Mogoșoaia Bridge” because the street was paved as it was common at that time, with wooden bars. The decision was taken by ruler Constantin Brâncoveanu to connect the royal courtyard from the Dâmboviței shore with his residence in Mogoșoaia.

The history of Bucharest intertwines around the Victory avenue – this represented, over the years, a promenade place for the Romanians’ elites, Bucharest’s bohemian space, important commercial seeing, the area where the books of the great Romanian writers were written before being printed and the place where governments were constituted.


Objectives on the route

On Calea Victoriei there are found many baroque buildings (Cantacuzino Palace), eclectic (CEC Palace), art-deco ( The Phone Palace), neoclassical ( The Romanian Athenaeum), neo-gothic (Sutu Palace) and others, the architectural diversity represents a real show.

All these charming historical buildings host today museums, hotels, theatres or headquarters of premium brands. In addition, with the decision of the authorities to turn the area into a pedestrian promenade every weekend, some of the most sought after bars and restaurants in the city have opened on the boulevard, reaching today to complete and even compete with the Old Centre.

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it only takes few minutes to start a new urban challenge

Outstanding experience! Develops team spirit and competitiveness. I socialized a lot with new people and I had a big smile on my face almost all the time.
People on the street were so intrigued and curious that they got involved and helped us.

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