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Military Academy



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It only takes few minutes to start a new urban challenge.


This CityHunt route from Cotroceni Neighbourhood, an exclusivist area of the capital, is a discovery type treasure hunt in which you will track down hidden photo clues and will solve fun challenges. 

By discovering the streets of the neighbourhood you will feel the vibe of the former Bucharest, many of the houses being unchanged although they are fighting with the passing of time. 

During this treasure hunt event the teams will have fun wandering through the city, at their own pace, searching for the objectives. The route is sprinkled with challenges and sometimes time-sensitive competitions that take place in the checkpoint. 

We will meet all the teams at the finish, to award and celebrate the winners, and the first drink is included in the price of the event.

Frequently asked questions and complete answers about CityHunt events are available here.


Location info

Cotroceni was in the XVII century a wide forest stretched to the river Dambovita. In 1678 the owner of these lands, Serban Cantacuzino, was being followed and was trying to save his life by sheltering himself in the Cotroceni Forest. The name of the area comes from the expression “a cotroci” which means “to search for” because the dense forest was a place where the thieves were hiding.

The Cotroceni Neighbourhood was born with the construction of Cotroceni Monastery and the noble houses by Serban Cantacuzino. These houses were used as summer residences by rulers like Carol I and Alexandru Ioan Cuza. With the construction of the Cotroceni Palace the area started to develop as an elite neighbourhood which attracted important personalities such as Carol Davila, Ion Barbu, Ion Minculescu or Eugen Lovinescu and many doctors, artists and professors.

The secret of Cotroceni is that the area is urbanistic protected, for keeping the homogeneity and diversity of architectural styles.


Objectives on the route

During this event, the main objectives you will encounter on the route are the Military Academy and the Cotroceni Palace. You will also discover the Costache Negri Fountain, the twin villas Ecaterina and Eugenia, but also numerous houses built in neo-Romanian, modernist or art-deco style.

The neighbourhood also houses an Instagrammable location – the Romniceanu Stairs, built in 1920, which became the Stairs of Happiness on the 100th anniversary of their construction, being colored in the rainbow.

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it only takes few minutes to start a new urban challenge

It was a very interesting experience trough which we discovered new things that we didn't know about Bucharest and the fact that all four of us had a a lot of fun.
We discovered new places/buildings in Bucharest, we exercised, we paid attention to details that usually we did not see. It was a pleasant experience and he have to repeat it.

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