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George Calinescu Park



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It only takes few minutes to start a new urban challenge.


This CityHunt route from the area Dorobanți-Aviatorilor will offer you and your team a discovery type challenge, during which you will enjoy discovering new urban treasures.

The urban puzzle and the challenges we have prepared for this event will carry you on the beautiful streets of the exclusivist neighbourhoods in which most of the edifices, built in the interwar period are well kept and restored today.

During this treasure hunt event the teams will have fun wandering through the city, at their own pace, searching for the objectives. The route is sprinkled with challenges and sometimes time-sensitive competitions that take place in the checkpoint. 

We will meet all the teams at the finish, to award and celebrate the winners, and the first drink is included in the price of the event.

Frequently asked questions and complete answers about CityHunt events are available here.


Location info

Originally named Ulita Herăstraului, Calea Dorobanti was inhabited by modest people (bakers, masons, potters) until 1880 when the construction of imposing residences started, which attracted important personalities such as Take Ionescu, George Cantacuzino, Constantin I.C. Bratianu, Iulia Maniu. The actual name of the street came from the dorobanti army that used this route to get to the instruction field in Herastrau.

Until 1895 the current Aviatorilor neighbourhood was outside the Bucharest limits. Aviatorilor Boulevard was originally named the New Road and it connected the centre with the roads outside the city. The name Aviatorilor comes from the statue Aviatorilor that commemorates Romanian aviators fallen into battle.

Until today, these two neighbourhoods remained one of the most bloomed and picturesque from Bucharest. The exclusive character is kept by the streets offering an airy setting with very interesting buildings from an architectural point of view.


Objectives on the route

The route is mostly limited by parks: Aviatorilor, King Michael I (former Herăstrău), Floreasca and Dinamo. The main boulevards will intersect with narrow streets and everywhere you look you will find restaurants, embassies, museums and monuments.

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it only takes few minutes to start a new urban challenge

The best thing is that together with competitiveness and attempts to get as many points as possible, you have a chance to learn a lot of new about your team, about the city, about yourself… because such type of activities encourages discoveries. Both literally and figurative, and this is an exceptional feature, from my point of view.
The activities were various and interesting, we found out new things about our colleagues and we discovered new places in Bucharest and we paid more attention to the buildings that otherwise we ignored and also the surprises on the track were great

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