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Ateneul Roman



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It only takes few minutes to start a new urban challenge.


The trail from Romana-Universitate area is a discovery type treasure hunt in which you will track down hidden photo clues and will solve fun challenges. 

The urban treasure hunt we have prepared in these areas will represent a way to discover the most emblematic intersection, Universitatii Square and Romana Square. Connected by Boulevards Magheru and Nicolae Balcescu they represented during the interwar period the most vanguartists and modern boulevards in Europe.

You will wander through the city at your own pace, in search of the objectives, at the same time solving challenges and time sensitive competitions at the checkpoint.

At the finish, all of us will meet to award and celebrate the winners while enjoying a free drink.

Frequently asked questions and complete answers about CityHunt events are available here.


Location info

Romana Square began to develop more than one century ago, with the construction of the Academy of Economic Studies that was supposed to have one more symmetrical building (which explains the position of the ball on the left side). 

The Romana Square Metro Station is the most controversial metro station from Bucharest. By the order of Elena Ceausescu, the station was removed from the designer’s map but still they managed to build it in secret. The station was ready in just 3 months but until the construction was approved the metro was not stopping between Universitate and Victoriei Square.

The Universitate Square represents point zero of the capital because it is located right in the middle of the city. Also, the Square is the symbol of democracy and freedom in Romania because here the Revolution from 1989 took place. On the spot where now is the Intercontinental Hotel and The National Theatre, in the past there was an open-air circus, restaurants and small shops.

Both of these areas suffered from the earthquake in 1977 when many of the buildings collapsed or were damaged


Objectives on the route

In these areas you will discover many neoclassical buildings (Romanian Athenaeum, The University of Bucharest, The Royal Palace), art nouveau ( Cantacuzino Palace) and baroque (The House of Miţa Biciclista.

The Romanian Athenaeum, part of the European Heritage List, is built through the most famous fundraising action “give one leu for the athenaeum.)

The Monument of Rebirth, with a height of 25 metres, highlights the importance of the revolution from 1989 în the history of Romanian.

Arthur Verona Street, probably the most colourful and instagrammable in Bucharest.

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it only takes few minutes to start a new urban challenge

We felt just like in an Indiana Jones movie. It was a really novel way to discover a city!
The best thing is that together with competitiveness and attempts to get as many points as possible, you have a chance to learn a lot of new about your team, about the city, about yourself… because such type of activities encourages discoveries. Both literally and figurative, and this is an exceptional feature, from my point of view.

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